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Chimney Liner Pro

All of our chimney liner products are made from the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum in the industry. Everything is in stock and ready to be shipped in 2 to 5 business days. We offer the best warranties in the industry, free shipping, and donations to Wounded Warriors. We have a large catalog of products and a custom fabrication shop, please call us now if you can't find your chimney liner product. 1-800-785-9124


Chimney caps are like the topper on a Christmas tree. However, unlike a Christmas tree topper, a chimney cap is much more than decoration. They are vital organs to a chimney that should be well taken care of and replaced when needed.Read More
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If you give your chimney any thought at all, you probably see it as little more than a pile of bricks with a hole through the middle that carries smoke out of your house. While this is fundamentally correct, the brick exterior of your chimney is only a small part of a complete system that keeps your house safe and warm.Read More
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There are many factors that affect a chimney’s drafting ability. Depending upon a number of factors, the presence of a chimney liner can either hurt or help your fireplace’s drawing ability. It is critical that a fireplace or other fuel burning appliance draw enough air into the fire and up the chimney to support complete combustion of the fuel. If you have bad draft, you will have a cold, smoky fire,Read More
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If you need to install a new chimney liner inside your flue, you need to take care to choose the correct size of liner to use.Read More
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A chimney liner is the material on the inside walls of your flue that keeps the combustion products that are flowing up your chimney from escaping into the chimney structure or even back into your house before they can be exhausted to the outside air.Read More
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Any appliance that you have that burns fuel needs to be vented to the outside of your home. This can be done through a chimney liner, which is the material on the inside of your chimney’s flue that contains the combustion products from your appliance until they are vented out the top of the chimney.Read More
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Improper chimney sizing is primarily an issue when venting appliances. A very common example of this is the fireplace insert or woodstove which is vented.Read More
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